We've included the most common questions and answers regarding the use of Cerumol.

If you have a question regarding Cerumol but cannot find the answer, you can contact us here and we will try our best to answer your question. Please note that we are unable to diagnose or advise on treatment in individual cases. If your enquiry is of this nature, please contact your GP.

Can I use Cerumol if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Cerumol Ear Drops
Seek medical advice before using the drops.

How long should I use Cerumol Ear Drops for?

Cerumol Ear Drops
Do not use for more than three days without consulting your doctor.

How will I know if the drops have worked?

The loosened wax should come out on its own. If not, and a plug of wax is still in the ear then see your doctor or practice nurse, if syringing is necessary, the drops will make the procedure easier.

Storing Cerumol

Cerumol Ear Drops

  • Keep out of the reach and sight of children.
  • Do not use if the expiry date has passed.
  • Discard the drops 6 months after opening.
  • Do not store above 30℃.
  • Do not freeze.

Are there times when Cerumol should not be used?

Do not use Cerumol Ear Drops if:

  • You are sensitive to any of the ingredients.
  • The ear is infected, bleeding, inflamed or if the eardrum is perforated.
  • The dropper is broken or damaged.

If you are using any other medication in the ear please ask your doctor or pharmacies before using Cerumol Ear Drops.