The problem - Sore ears!

Cerumol is effective for the loosening and removal of ear wax, however, surgical syringing may still be necessary to remove deep, compressed wax. If after using Cerumol your symptoms have not improved, you should visit your GP.

This short animation shows how Cerumol works to loosen and remove ear wax. Cotton buds are suitable for the outer ear only and should not be inserted into in the ear canal as they can actually push the wax further into the ear. To aid the extraction of ear wax, use Cerumol Ear Drops.

Why do we have ear wax?

  • Ear wax prevents bacteria, germs and dirt from getting into your sensitive inner ear

  • It prevents bugs and insects from creeping in 

  • Ear wax collects dirt and slows bacteria growth

What causes ear wax to build up?

  • Trying to remove earwax at home may cause a build up 

  • Cotton swabs & other foreign objects in the ear canal can push wax deeper creating a blockage

  • Use of earphones may lead to ear wax build up

Symptoms of ear wax
build up

Ringing, humming or buzzing in the ear (Tinnitus)

Dizziness (Verigo)

Ear discomfort and pain

Feeling of blocked ears

Problem hearing clearly

The solution - Cerumol

How does Cerumol work?

All healthy ears produce ear wax, forming a protective coating around the skin lining the ear canal. The quantity produced varies from person to person and does not have to be removed unless it is obstructing the ear canal. Causing dulled hearing, itchiness or discomfort, Cerumol drops soak into hardened wax and softens it, allowing it to then drain out of the ear. 

Why use Cerumol?

Gentle (pain free), easy to administer

Readily available as an OTC product

Includes an integrated dropper for convenience

Softens and removes ear wax

  • New and improved formula

  • Contains NO Arachis oil (Peanut oil). Suitable for people with peanut and soy allergies

  • Tried and tested brand with a strong heritage and consumer recognition

  • Dual action formula
    • Softens
    • Removes ear wax